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Style: Tie on waistbead

Material: Glass beads, cotton thread

Length: 58-60 in

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Aside from the wide array of traditions and cultures that shape West Africa, a well known and celebrated part of it is the growth and flourishing of a girl into womanhood as represented through the plethora of colorful, vibrant beads that adorn a woman’s waist. The tradition begins young and is replaced while the wearer outgrows the beads during bodily transitions of life. These waist beads hold centuries worth of culture and purpose and serve not just as decoration but also the shaping of the African woman’s esteemed hourglass figure. The embracement of femininity and sensuality is significant when it comes to young women of Africa, the purpose these beads serve allows for the entwinement of the wearer and her womanhood. The beads sit graciously at the waist and help to keep the waist in shape as the body fats naturally migrate to the hips and thighs as believed by West Africans. The look of the beads also help to create an illusion of a smaller waist. Not to mention the beads help to keep track of weight gain and weight loss as they get tighter or looser. These waist beads are authentically handcrafted in Ghana, one of the traditions well known participants, and can be cut or adjusted to fit you perfectly. Excess remnants of the beads can be used to create bracelets or anklets of your liking. Enjoy to your own preferences!


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